A couple's massage is not just seasonal or once a year celebration! It is a wonderful treat for anniversaries, birthdays also a great alternative to the typical chocolate, candy, movie, dinner etc...

It is always nice to do something different from the ordinary chocolate, candy, movie, dinner gifts (which are not bad choices) but give the gift of healing for health and wellness and be rewarded in multiples afterwards.

MALE BONDING - Sharing the union between two males, energetically, physically, harmoniously in a very nurturing and safe environment for the two souls to be intimate, comfortable, natural, nude, connect and share what feels right (about things that you would do not normally do in the real world) without hangups. Feel free to express yourself with mutual touching for men, homosexual or heterosexual or what have you. Male bonding is natural. No sex required!  

All male hands-on-bodywork by a therapeutic talented gay male massage therapist / specialist involves Thomaso's gifted and therapeutic touch and not some other mechanical intervention! Touch is prime and essential balance to life and lots of us in this world are touch deprived, so I bring to you the essence of life coupled with the science and art of any bodywork I offer catered to gay male clientels. Touch is "Chi" in motion and an important ingredient in healing and relaxation.